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Welcome to Lídia Hotel*** Wellness and Restaurant

The Lídia Hotel*** Wellness and Restaurant is located in the heart of the town, just 200 meters away from the Harkány Thermal Spa, which spa is the main attraction of our town. Our Hotel was built about ten years ago, with two wings and three storeys. In recent years it has been expanded with a third wing. The recently constructed elevator makes our rooms more easily approachable.


About the region

Harkány located in the south of Hungary not far from the Croatian border has been famous for the special curing effect of its thermal water for more than 150 years. The water contains lot of chemicals, minerals the most characteristic of them is sulphur  in the form of gas. That is why the water is more effective than other spa waters in curing rheumatic, gyneological diseases, psoriasis, arthritis. The water is also good for drinking treatment. The curing effect of the water was discovered in 1823, and the spa has been more and more popular since then.